Although this video is is now set to private...I keep waiting for it to come back so I haven't removed it. It is an excellent example of an illegal confiscation, complete with the typically false accusations of malnourishment by the SPCA in order to justify the seizures. I was made aware of this case after hearing about it from a friend of the victims, Brian and Heidi Travis.

On March 9, 2009 the SPCA raided our farm in Candia, NH. Backed by over a dozen cops from three towns, they blocked off the road for a half mile and took 12 happy, healthy horses. Think about this the next time you send your donation to the SPCA.

This woman was very lucky - she eventually got back all of her horses, but only because she lived in a community where she had a huge amount of support.

Here is a link to more information about this raid. Bear in mind that the media is well known for slanting the issue in favor of the authorities:

Horse Seizure at Inhumane.org

This a link is to a web site that best represents the viewpoint of the Travis', in their own words. There are some very compelling vids here.

Obscured Truth Network Covers Travis Horse Raid