Okay, we've all had a laugh over ASPCA's new "Animal CSI" van that they send out with their forensic vet into the field to gather and process evidence of animal abuse, but we'd better wipe the smiles off our faces.

Last night, I had a rather lengthy and chilling discussion with a person who was the victim of a joint Local Shelter/HSUS/ASPCA raid on his property. They told me that the 'raiders' had deliberately waited until nobody was home before they 'swooped in' along with local cops to execute their warrant. The dog owners came home near the end of the raid, and were prevented by police from going near their own property until all the dogs had been removed.

So, that's problem No. 1: if nobody is home, unless the animals are in imminent danger of death or injury, no warrant should ever be executed. Also, if you're not there, you can't verify that they properly executed their warrant in terms of where they looked, what was searched and what was actually taken.

But it gets worse! I was told that these people recently had a couple of litters on the ground and team found a dead puppy during their search which they immediately bagged and waved around, making certain it was well-photographed and filmed as "proof" of the "inhumane and filthy" conditions on this property.

Only one problem: the dead puppy was a different breed than any of those on the property.

That's right, folks, the dead puppy was planted during the raid!

I was told that based on what happened in this situation, several people who had been big HSUS supporters had finally seen with their own eyes the completely illegal and unethical tactics used against this person, and quit over the incident.

Someone came forward to say that HSUS and other agencies which participate in these raids come "armed" with dead animals, parts of dead animals or the bones of dead animals which they plant and then pretend to find during their raid

This also points to an extreme amount of collusion between the local shelter and HSUS/other extremist agencies coordinating raids ahead of time, because SOMEBODY had to have known about the recent litters so the dead puppy ploy could be used.

If ASPCA is on site with their clever little van, then they and NOT law enforcement have control of the evidence--real or otherwise--and you may have no way to protect yourself from being framed.

So, while we may groan over AKC's requirement to have our breeding adults DNA typed, doing so might literally save your rear end in court!

Once your dogs are seized, you'll never see them again and AKC's DNA typing might be the cheapest insurance policy you could ever have to prove that dead puppy didn't come from your kennel.

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