AWAKE, Animal Welfare through Knowledge and Empowerment

Most people have no problem believing that good things happen to bad people in a world where we see great inequity between the rich and the poor. Why is it then that we have such a hard time believing that bad things happen to good people? Why is it automatically assumed that they were doing something wrong, and they were not instead the victims of some terrible injustice?

Within the pages of this blog, I hope to clear up some of the many misconceptions surrounding the illegal seizure of animals by Animal Control and the Humane Society, which seem to be increasing at a rapid pace throughout this country. It seems as if there is a new case in the news every week. After a while, you begin to see similarities in each of them - as well as the same contradictions.

Presently there are cases all across the US where Animal Control or the local Humane Society has acted outside the scope of local ordinances and illegally confiscated animals, from valuable show dogs and show cats, to well kept breeding birds, to thoroughbred horses. Apparently these local officials have learned that they can achieve three goals:
1) adopt out (sell) animals and property for money,
2) receive donations from the public for their "good" work
3) receive commendations from their superiors

Therefore, they have financial reasons for "taking animals under color of law." However, they generally use the argument that the animals are abused, not properly cared for, starving, or treated cruelly. They are quick to euthanize any animals that will be too much trouble to keep and that cannot be adopted to the public for money. Many different types of cases are now being documented due to this outrageous assault on the Constitutional rights of animal owners in the U.S.

I started this site as an animal lover and as a friend to many who have devoted their lives to the welfare of animals whether it be through responsible breeding, animal rescue, or just as caregivers to their own companion animals at home. I am also a survivor of a horrific raid which occurred in 2009, so I understand the deep pain that victims of seizures have to endure. It hurts me to see their pain when they have fallen victim to lawlessness which could have been prevented had they known more about their rights as animal owners. I certainly could have benefitted from knowing more at the time. For a long while my life felt meaningless; being able to help others has given it new meaning.

AWAKE, or Animal Welfare Awareness through Knowledge & Empowerment, is all about giving people access to valuable information that they can use to protect themselves from the thugs who commit these acts of senseless terror, and who steal from them what is rightfully theirs.

AWAKE is where you can come to have a voice, so please feel free to submit you story. This is the place where you will be heard.

Carolyne Mas
Founder of AWAKE